“Arlene has a keen eye for detail which is exactly what you want in an editor. She caught many things that others had missed, and made some great suggestions while respecting my own personal writing style. Don’t go to press without her!”

— Mary Charleson

5 Minute Marketing

Vancouver, 2010




“I have you – and you alone – to thank for lopping off one of the many heads of my ego-hydra: the one that had to have all the parenthetical ‘asides.’ I really can’t thank you enough for your insight, courage, and steadfastness in the face of the monster. It was indeed painful to fix them all, but not from an egoic perspective, rather from the sheer tedium. In the end, the tedium itself reinforced for me your long-held and mucho-accurate position that there were just too damned many of them! Thanks for being so good at what you do.”

— Paul L. Gubany

Return to Abundance

St. Louis, MO, 2009



“Arlene, I want to thank you for the fine editing job on Super Virus. I know that some of your comments were of the ‘devil’s advocate’ nature, and I appreciated your views from that perspective. Most of your changes were excellent ones; in just a few cases, I wanted to keep the original wording. Mostly, however, you flagged really important stuff, and I went back and rewrote the passages, trying to make them clearer. Thanks again for the strong editing job. My book is definitely much better for it.”

— Lawrence Lapin

Super Virus: Immortal Sins

California, 2009

Self Publishing Manual

“I’m honored, Arlene, to have your sharp editorial eye go over my book, The Self-Publishing Manual. Even though it’s been in print for many years, you caught errors that everyone else had overlooked. I want a picky copy editor, and you are careful, precise, and accurate. You have a rare gift for catching even the smallest of mistakes (I would rather you find them than my readers!), and your suggestions for improvement are invaluable. You approach editing with passion and complete the job promptly. Now I’m eager to see the next edition of my book go to press. I appreciate you and your work immensely.”

— Dan Poynter

Self-Publishing Manual

California, 2008


“Patient, professional and talented. That is how I would describe Arlene Prunkl. What was almost 800 pages of raw emotions and rambling chapters, Arlene helped me transform into a much more clear, concise, flowing and ultimately beautiful piece of work. Arlene’s many suggestions were priceless, and her belief in my story pushed me on to continue when I felt the fatigue of discouragement. To put it in simple terms; she made me believe in myself and the message I wanted so strongly to convey to the world. Arlene helped me to put my message into clear and moving words for the world to read, reflect on, and remember.”

— Kay Bratt

Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage



“Arlene has the enviable ability to get under the proverbial hood of your work and get it running right. We writers write. Arlene clears up the clouds and makes the light of your work shine through. You won’t be disappointed by her results—and you’ll make a great friend as well!”

— Jason Egroff

Tento Saga: Mankind's Perilous Journey

Texas, 2008


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