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A woman holds a book and reaches her arms into the sky

Starting 2014 with a gratitude list: 15 reasons I love freelance editing

Wouldn’t it be appropriate to begin the new year on a positive note―with some gratitude? I thought so. After doing the same job for almost a dozen years, you might think I’d become bored with it, but the opposite it true. I love my work more than ever. To me, written language, along with music, is the most expressive of all the arts. No two authors have the same writing style, and the manuscripts I receive are marvelous in their variety. I’m often challenged, occasionally frustrated, and invariably astonished at the breadth and scope of the writing I edit. I’m never, ever bored.

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An open book with an eraser on it

Book scribbles

This isn’t a writing or grammar tip, but an observation. Have you ever noticed how we treat books so delicately, almost as though they were ancient artifacts? Eager to begin reading, we buy a new book, its pages crisp and fresh and enticingly unexamined by any other human eyes. An exciting new adventure is about to begin within. Yet somehow, we cringe with reluctance when we break the spine. Finally, the deed is done and the reading begins, but still it’s as though we’re holding a treasure in our hands. Heaven forbid we should spill a few drops of coffee on the cover, or accidentally drop a blob of food between its revered pages.

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