The cover of The Fraser by Carol and Rick Blacklaws

“We would like to send Carol and Rick Blacklaws a ‘thank you’ for their beautiful book on the Fraser. Personally, I haven’t been able to leave it alone and would love to make a trip to the McBride area. Carol has such a magnificent command of the English language. Sometimes I read a sentence more than once just to enjoy her phrasing. The photography is beyond words.”
— Lawrence Joiner from the OK Ranch on the Fraser River

“Thank you for this beautiful and well-informed book. I came home from Steveston and went through every page. I love the photos but I also love Carol’s writing that keeps rolling along just like the river. At times, it is a travelogue urging people to explore the river as you did and then it is a history lesson on the river’s past. You don’t ignore the very real threats to the river and I like that you got into New Westminster’s turning its back on the river. The inclusion of Indigenous stories, photos, and histories is well beyond the token. One really understands how integral they are to the story. Congratulations to you both. You have done one hell of a good job.”
— Alan Haig-Brown, author, BC historian

— Carol & Rick Blacklaws
The Fraser: River of Life and Legend
British Columbia, Canada
September 2020