“To Whom It May Concern:

“Arlene Prunkl is the editor of my memoir, George Garrett: Intrepid Reporter, published by Harbour Publishing in March, 2019. The book has been very successful with standing on the BC Bestsellers list for 14 consecutive weeks. I attribute much of that success to the expert guidance and keen eye of substantive editor Arlene Prunkl. We communicated entirely via email and did not meet in person until after the editing had been done. Arlene is as pleasant in person as she was in emails. She was helpful, encouraging, and thoughtful. Her experience was obvious as she transformed a rather disjointed account of my career in journalism into an easy-to-read manuscript with flow. Arlene eliminated unnecessary chapters, condensed like material into something cohesive and did it all without bruising my ego.

“The Intrepid Reporter book is considered by critics to be important to the history of British Columbia.

“Editor Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight wrote: ‘The book contains riveting tales of a bygone era in British Columbia.’

“Harold Munro, editor of the Vancouver Sun/Province said, ‘The book is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of British Columbia.’

“Arlene Prunkl took the ramblings of an old reporter and fashioned a story worth telling. An editor’s job – very well done.

“George Garrett (retired journalist) – June 1, 2019”

— George Garrett – retired journalist
George Garrett: Intrepid Reporter
Vancouver, BC
June 2019