“I’ve just finished reading the prologue, and I am shocked at how smoothly the final result reads. I must say I am quite impressed, and I am completely humbled. What you have edited is simply amazing. So I will now call you my sufi—mentor in Chinese culture. Now it’s time to go into my cave for the next few months, and when I come out, hopefully, if God is willing, I will write as smoothly as what you have edited.” Two months later: “I’m learning so much from your editing. This writing stuff is easier when one knows what one is doing wrong!”

— Thomas Meller

Temple of the Heavens (in progress)

Vancouver, British Columbia

August 2013


“The revisions are going well, and I’m so happy with the terrific job you’ve done. I love your notes, comments, and edits―they really nail the issues. Some of your observations make me think, ‘How did I even make this mistake?’ Your ability to recraft sentences and paragraphs is stellar. I am thoroughly impressed. I’m sure I’m not the first nor the last who’ll praise your editorial talent. The work you’ve done is amazing. It feels as if I’m reading someone else’s work, yet know that it is mine―only a professional version of mine!”

— Rashad Pharaon

When Kings Fall (in progress)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

May 2013



“Arlene’s magical editing touches elevated my manuscript from decent to first-class. She has amazing skills, is a delight to work with, and from a business perspective is first-rate. She is diligent to the point of perfection. Both budding and experienced writers can’t do any better than Arlene.”

— Bernie Fandrich

The Majestic Thompson River

Lytton, Britsh Columbia

January 2013



“I spent considerable time searching for the right editor for my book, and made the correct choice with Arlene for reasons that went far beyond what I understood at the outset. I realized that I needed technical expertise and received it in abundance. Arlene’s professional skills are outstanding, and her storyline suggestions made a huge impact on the readability and overall quality of my writing. Her patience, ability, and willingness to help me better understand POV was so much more than I expected. The most impressive and valuable service she provided, however, was that of perspective. Arlene and I differ considerably on many of the social issues central to the plot of my book, yet she deftly and professionally worked with me to better interpret the impact of my words and thus broaden the overall market appeal of my story without compromising what was important to me. Arlene is a top-notch professional for whom I have great respect and admiration.”

— Jim McCulloch

Fracture Gradient


October 2012



“A blurb can’t capture how much Arlene’s efforts have improved my stories. Her ability to identify errors—big and small—borders on the supernatural. Throughout the process, she stayed true to my vision and intent. In addition to being a magnificent editor, she’s professional and fun to work with. If you’re an indie writer looking for an editor, hire Arlene—your readers will thank you!”

— Kevin J. Hallock

Dead Doughboy Walking & Eye Spy: A Sojourning Souls Story


June 2012



“Arlene, I am so happy with your comments and suggestions. I have read your final e-mail a few times now, reviewed the edited draft briefly, and I am now crafting an action plan on how to move forward. Your ‘How to work with the editing’ section really alleviates the initial reservations I was having about the scope of revisions needed. (I was highly amused specifically by your kindness in gently reminding me about the intentions of your comments and my creative sensibilities are not offended at all—I work very well with constructive criticism, as promised!) It has truly been a pleasure for me to have you as my editor. Thank you.”

— Aimee Nadow

The Lost Romantic (in progress)

Tampa, Florida

April 2012