“Arlene, I am so happy with your comments and suggestions. I have read your final e-mail a few times now, reviewed the edited draft briefly, and I am now crafting an action plan on how to move forward. Your ‘How to work with the editing’ section really alleviates the initial reservations I was having about the scope of revisions needed. (I was highly amused specifically by your kindness in gently reminding me about the intentions of your comments and my creative sensibilities are not offended at all—I work very well with constructive criticism, as promised!) It has truly been a pleasure for me to have you as my editor. Thank you.”

— Aimee Nadow

The Lost Romantic (in progress)

Tampa, Florida

April 2012


“I just finished reading through some of the book after I had read the notes. I just had to drop you a note to say, ‘WOW!’ I am shocked by how well it reads. It is better than I even imagined it would be. I have not ventured past the first chapter. I am reading each comment and looking at the changes; use of words, sentence order and so forth. If this ends up published, it will be largely because of your work. There is a reason you are considered one of the best editors in Canada. You have earned every dime your service costs and more than that. It is like seeing a dream house built. Does every author feel like this or am I the only one? I have written many, many stories. None of them were any good. I wrote this book and knew I needed real help with it. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but you’ve shown me there was a lot. Thank you!”

— Mike Haines

Cover of Darkness


January 2012



“I am so glad I chose Arlene to edit both of my books! Her ability to clarify what I write using one or two different words to make it much better has continually astonished me. She is truly brilliant and a master of her craft. In addition, I found Arlene very easy to work with and generous with her time. She always stayed on schedule, graciously waiting for me when I needed just a little more time to meet a deadline. I have very much enjoyed partnering with Arlene, and I recommend her most highly.”

— Candace Plattor

Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself


October 2011



“Arlene is a dream to work with. Her attention to detail in all aspects has made my book a much improved work. She is an exacting professional who brought the heart of my manuscript to full bloom.”

— Anne Key

Desert Priestess


September 2011



“I’m so impressed with the very professional and thorough job you’ve done. Most of the changes are exactly what I had hoped for—a polished version of my own writing. Occasionally, I’d find a change to the meaning of my sentence. As I looked deeper, I found each change was for a very logical reason. For instance, I had unintentionally repeated something from a few pages earlier, or I was making a statement that didn’t belong where I had put it. In each instance, your changes were a definite improvement. I look forward to working with you on my next manuscript.”

— Curt Remington

Simple Meditation

Washington state, 2011




“I know exactly what the best part of hiring you as an editor was. As an author, when you read your own words over and over, you begin to lose perspective as to what they are actually saying. You add meaning that isn’t actually in the words, but only in your head. Arlene, you allowed me to look at the writing through new eyes, to see it for what it was actually saying, not what I thought it was saying. In some cases that was quite a large gap. It was so valuable to see reality, not what I had constructed in my mind over the last two years of writing. It allows the whole message to be so much clearer, and I recognize there was no way I would have done that without your support, professionalism, and ability to pick every single hole apart. I wasn’t looking for someone to tell me how wonderful it was, I was looking for someone to help me create the best writing possible. ”

— Simon Harrison

The Truly Alive Child


July 2011



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