“I was fortunate to have found Arlene. She is a remarkable editor who is keen on editorial detail. In addition, she is thorough in all her editorial work. Arlene has contributed immensely in editing all of my Struffel series of children’s books, on time with affordable pricing—I can’t thank her enough! She has also edited my publicity material, and I’m glad to have her as my editor for my books and published works!”

— Susan M. Maithya

Struffel: Struffel's Walk; Struffel's New Bed


December 2011




“Never underestimate the value of a great editor. They turn decent manuscripts into great books. They carefully and strategically help the author to keep their voice and to use clear, expressive language in order to bring the best possible message to their readers. Arlene Prunkl is such an editor―professional, dedicated, and conscientious. ”

— Lorii Myers

Three Off the Tee


April 2011




“I found Penultimate Editorial Services by chance on the Web; however, I found the ultimate editor in Arlene Prunkl. Her attention to detail and joint ownership of the work helped to develop a quality product beyond all expectations.”

— John M. Miller

The Last Alaskan Barrel


September 2010




“I am forever grateful to Arlene for her extensive editing of my book, Brain School. Editing is not a talent of mine, having been diagnosed with Dyslexia in elementary school. Thus, I needed an editor with a keen eye for both the contextual conventions and story composition of written language. Arlene was just that person! Arlene turned my manuscript into a highly readable narrative that flowed smoothly from one chapter to the next. Thanks, Arlene, for all that you have done for my book Brain School.”

— Howard Eaton, Ed.M

Brain School

Vancouver, 2010



“Arlene, I am about 80 percent of the way through the manuscript, and I must say that I am very impressed with your work. You have caught errors that have remained in various versions of the manuscripts through numerous readings by numerous people. Your grasp of the rules of grammar and punctuation far exceed anything I can ever hope to achieve, and I thank you for saving me from numerous ‘gotchas’—misusages, misspellings, poor punctuation, and story inconsistencies. This novel will not be perfect, but it will be much closer to perfection than it would have been without your magic red pen.”

— B. K. Mayo

Tamara’s Child

Oregon, 2009



“As a first-time author, I needed more assistance than most. Arlene was more than an editor; she was a sounding board, a teacher and at times a voice of reason. Arlene helped me navigate little-known topics far beyond grammar and spelling. I learned as much or more in the editing phase than I did throughout the entire writing process. I highly recommend Arlene to seasoned veteran authors seeking professional and efficient editing services, as well as to needy novices like myself. Thanks a million, Arlene!”

— Michael Walrath


Florida, 2010


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