The Water Tower Club is the second novel of mine that Arlene has edited, and you can be sure that when I finish my next novel I’ll be knocking on her editorial door again. Arlene knows more about grammar, punctuation, and usage than anyone I know. I swear, I think she’s practically memorized the more than one thousand pages of the Chicago Manual of Style. I always want to believe, after spending months self-editing a manuscript, that it’s error free. Not so! Arlene is so thorough and meticulous in her work she inevitably finds things I missed. But her expertise extends beyond ferreting out mechanical errors. She makes spot on suggestions regarding storyline, characterization, diction, dialogue, and point of view that are invaluable. When I finish making revisions based on her editorial comments, I always end up with a better read. As editors go, Arlene is the real deal and the complete package!”

— B K Mayo
The Water Tower Club
Roseburg, Oregon
August 2018