The cover of the 13th Vote by Brendan Gavin.

“Arlene, it’s with great joy that I can tell you that today I received my first print copy of my novel, The 13th Vote. After three and a half years of work, it was something to see! The cover, interior art, and typesetting really brought it to life and I hope those who read it get just a fraction of the satisfaction that I have in holding it in my hands.

“But one element that stands above all of these is the quality of your editing. As you recall, I found you on the internet, through no personal reference, and despite you having ‘checked all the boxes,’ I remained quite anxious about how much of an impact you’d make relative to readability, form, and structure, and more so, that you would change my ‘voice’ that is so much a part of my art. Let’s face it, editing for most, and certainly for me, is not inexpensive, but I have come to realize it is indispensable, especially when pros like you are involved.

“To my most pleasant surprise, your editing made such a wonderful difference in the finished product that today, I can’t believe that I had any doubts about you. Your diligence, attention to detail, and grasp of grammar and style are incredible, and allowed my words and ideas to come to life without changing my voice in the least. Also, your coaching and suggestions have made me a better writer and allowed me to feel as if I was in control of my work at all times. Lastly, I am most grateful for the support you have given me. You never hesitated to field my questions, or send articles or blurbs of best practice, so I could know what constitutes good and proper writing.

“I wanted to personally thank you for helping me on my writing journey. It’s just begun for me and so, I definitely will work with you again (hopefully in less than three years!) Can’t wait!”

— Brendan Gavin
The 13th Vote
Ontario, Canada
January 2021