The cover of A Girl Called Goose by Darcy Nybo

“Credit where credit is due: Arlene Prunkl of PenUltimate Editorial Services rocks! I edited my 32-page children’s book at least eight times, had three beta readers go through it, and let it sit for a week before reading through it again. I found several more nasty typos and extra spaces and commas gone awry and was quite pleased with myself. But Arlene did a final proofread and found over a dozen more things that needed fixing.

“This showed me what I teach all my clients and students. YOU CAN’T EDIT OR PROOFREAD YOUR OWN WORK! You see what you wrote, you see what you think should be there, and you don’t see what shouldn’t be there. Please consider hiring an editor/proofreader for all your written work. It is so worth it to a achieve a professional finished product. Thank you, Arlene, for showing me how fallible I am with my own writing and proving to me why writers always need fresh eyes.”

— Darcy Nybo
A Girl Called Goose
Kelowna, BC
January 2023