“I research everything. Through research I learned the single most important decision that predicts the potential success of a self-published author (this probably holds true for all authors) is the decision to hire a professional editor. No surprise there. I then researched professional editors and found Arlene. Not only is she immensely professional, experienced and talented, but some of her edits literally stopped me in my metaphorical tracks – they were that good!

“I also found Arlene kind but direct. Arlene is not a mincer of words when it comes s**tty writing, yet in her gentle terms s**tty writing would be identified by phrases like “could be better if perhaps,” “what about trying this idea?” or “the correct grammar is such-and-such, so is this maybe a mistake or is it deliberate?” I learned so much from Arlene while not once feeling condescended to or creatively truncated. She instilled trust. Arlene will be the editor of my next novel. That’s the highest praise I can giver her.”

— Kenneth Evren
A Body of Fates
Vancouver, BC
July 2023