“I just finished reading through some of the book after I had read the notes. I just had to drop you a note to say, ‘WOW!’ I am shocked by how well it reads. It is better than I even imagined it would be. I have not ventured past the first chapter. I am reading each comment and looking at the changes; use of words, sentence order and so forth. If this ends up published, it will be largely because of your work. There is a reason you are considered one of the best editors in Canada. You have earned every dime your service costs and more than that. It is like seeing a dream house built. Does every author feel like this or am I the only one? I have written many, many stories. None of them were any good. I wrote this book and knew I needed real help with it. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but you’ve shown me there was a lot. Thank you!”

— Mike Haines
Cover of Darkness
January 2012