“Arlene Prunkl was knowledgeable, thorough and meticulous in her copy editing of my Midwestern U.S. county medical history book. She was a delight to work with on this project and, as an unanticipated side benefit of the collaboration, she taught me much about the English language—even modifying her advice to account for the curious ways we have of writing things south of the border!”

— Gary E. Cordingley, MD, PhD
Stories of Medicine in Athens County, Ohio
Ohio, 2006

“Arlene has edited two of my numismatic research books (the second 180,000 words with over 800 footnotes) and done an excellent job on both. The subject matter is a combination of historical and technical material, and Arlene has succeeded in keeping my writing consistent and focused on readability. She has been available by e-mail and telephone as needed, offering helpful suggestions in advance of her delivery of the edited manuscript. The marked-up text has been easy to read and her frequent notes have helped guide me through the reasons for some of her recommendations. Additional books are planned, and I intend to ask Arlene to edit them, also.”

— Roger W. Burdette
Renaissance of American Coinage 1905 – 1908
Virginia, 2005

“Arlene, I’ve just received your work on my manuscript—I don’t know what else to call it! You obviously worked your butt off on that thing and I’m not sure if I am more impressed or more depressed. I thought I had a manuscript ready for the printer. The hell I did! OK, I do know—I’m more impressed. For I cannot fathom just how depressed I would have been—embarrassed is probably the better word—had I not found you. Delighted is an even better word, for this time when I have gone over the book, I will have a confidence I would never have had—never did have, actually. So, this is a long way for me to say how much I appreciate your work.”

— Lee Rudolph
The Sultan of Atlantic City
Maryland, 2005

The cover of Scarlett magazine

“It is with unmitigated pleasure that I write to endorse Ms. Prunkl’s skill as a copy editor. She is the embodiment of the true spirit and core philosophies that we hold dear at Scarlett magazine: aspiration, ambition and authenticity. When it comes to the English language, Ms. Prunkl has an unerring sense of what is ‘right.’ She also has a keen eye for errors and, more importantly, solid suggestions on how they may be corrected and improved. Perhaps her most valuable contribution is that she takes her work as an editor very seriously and is a true professional in every sense. Highly recommended.”

— Anne-Marie Dekker
Editorial director, Scarlett magazine
Vancouver, 2005

“While capturing the mood and character of my words, Arlene not only cleaned up syntax and grammar but did what most editors can’t—transformed an already well-written document into something more powerful and captivating for my particular audience. She enhanced my own personal style—as well as my confidence in presenting this application. Arlene is more than an editor; she becomes your advocate.”

— Scott Kritzer
classical guitarist
Oregon, 2004

The cover of Dating Can Be Deadly by Wendy Roberts.

“Arlene’s skills in copy editing and critiquing the manuscript of my new book were unrivalled. Her thorough manuscript evaluation also provided invaluable insight into plot and character motivation that helped propel me in the right direction for the second draft. I look forward to working with Arlene on my next book project.”

— Wendy Roberts
Dating Can Be Deadly
Vancouver, 2004