The cover of Parenting and the Internet by Todd Curtis

“I chose Arlene over many other editorial service options because of her excellent work with one of my favorite nonfiction authors. Upon completion of the editing, it was obvious that I had made the right decision. Even a nonfiction work such as mine has to tell a story. Because of her efforts, she not only dealt with many errors that escaped my eyes and the eyes of others, but she also allowed my story to come through more clearly. For my audience, it means a more effective book. For me, it means that I already know who will edit my next project!”

— Todd Curtis
Parenting and the Internet
Seattle, 2007

“I dove into your suggestions and corrections with a lot of energy. I wound up replacing 25% of the pages and felt like I had dodged a bullet in terms of wanting to submit my very best to a special publisher… Arlene, English literature is fortunate to have you as one of its editors.”

— Robert J. Costelloe
Coinage of Commitment
Texas, 2007

“Hiring you has been the single best decision I’ve made with this novel yet. You caught things that just never dawned on me, and probably wouldn’t have. I’m going to implement every piece of advice you gave me; all in all, I couldn’t be more pleased. You say on your web site that you’ll make an author’s words sparkle, and you’re not kidding. Are you worth the money?—I think you’re probably worth more! You’re one of the most personable, professional, and understanding people I’ve ever worked with. Hands down, this was the best investment I’ve made. Thank you so much for an outstanding job.”

— Lee Stephen
Dawn of Destiny
Louisiana, 2007

The cover of A Summer Odyssey by James Mayberger

“Arlene, I am amazed at your insightfulness, which allows you to bring clarity to the areas of the story that had me frustrated while writing them. You are a kind of literary psychoanalyst, and I’m glad you had the chance to ‘couch’ my manuscript. I am having no difficulty reading and understanding your edits. I just can’t wait to get on to the next chapters and report back to you on them all.”

— James Mayberger
A Summer’s Odyssey: Forging America’s Great Western Trail
California, 2007

The cover of the 4th Dimension and Beyond by John Eikum

“Arlene, you found mistakes that I and six people who reviewed the manuscript missed. I’m pretty good at paying attention to detail, but you, Arlene, are amazing! As I reviewed your changes I found myself saying, ‘how did I miss that?’ I appreciate the comments and explanations that you included. They helped me understand your changes and I also learned from them. The comments I wasn’t thrilled to see were ones like, ‘Can you explain this more effectively?’ But I know that they are the most important comments and, since they are from you, I know to take them seriously. And I am. Thank you.”

— John Eikum
The 4th Dimension and Beyond
Minnesota, 2007

“Arlene did a great job of editing my book Live Your Dreams—Let Reality Catch Up. Many readers have remarked on how easy it is to read. When I decided to write my most recent book, Parents’ Handbook, one of my first steps was to secure Arlene’s editing help, even though I would not be ready for about five months. Arlene has lived up to my expectations and then some. She is thorough, knows her work, and is not afraid to challenge you on what you have written. Thanks Arlene, I appreciate your editorial skills. My books are better as a result.”

— Roger Ellerton, PhD, CMC
Live Your Dreams—Let Reality Catch Up
Ontario, 2006