The cover of the Insiders Guide to Home Equity Borrowing by Pete Hitesman.

“Arlene Prunkl just finished editing, proofreading and creating the index for my new book. I could not be more pleased with the results of her work. Arlene worked relentlessly and tirelessly on the project, bringing it in ahead of time and on budget. Furthermore, I quickly learned to depend on her comments and suggestions, and was amazed at the level of detail and skill she brought to the work. This was my first book and knowing that Arlene was tackling the job with a high level of professionalism and perfection eased my stress level considerably! In addition, she was a pleasure to communicate with—my e-mails received lightning quick response, and she was always friendly and personal, yet professional. Before this project, I wondered why I needed an editor; now I realize that the critical role she played could never have been bypassed if I wanted a professional-quality book.”

— Pete Hitesman
The Insider’s Guide to Home Equity Borrowing
San Francisco, 2004

The cover of Financial Freedom on $1 a Day by Suzanne Kirkland Kincaid.

“Arlene Prunkl did a wonderful job of proofreading my material for my book, Financial Freedom On $1 A Day. I am honored to use my book as an advertisement of Arlene’s work. Her careful proofreading skills contributed to a fine book, which, to my great pleasure, is doing really well. We already have a Spanish edition in the works! She’s fast and accurate, and I highly recommend her services.”

— Suzanne Kirkland Kincaid
Financial Freedom on $1 A Day
Seattle, 2004

“Granville Island Publishing has retained the editorial services of Arlene Prunkl in the capacity of copy editor and proofreader since March of 2003. During this time, she has worked on seven books for us, and has proven to be adept, competent and highly professional. She has a fine eye for the language and well-considered suggestions for change. I admire her enthusiasm and passion for precision, and I look forward to a continued mutually enhancing business relationship.”

— Jo Blackmore
Publisher, Granville Island Publishing
Vancouver, 2003

“The work Arlene did for me involved desktop publishing, typesetting and layout, using the commercial typesetting package, LaTeX. LaTeX is a powerful but fussy text editing program which Arlene seems to have mastered. After several editorial revisions, the camera-ready final copy was perfect, including complicated figures and many different text fonts. I was very proud to submit the article to an international conference and scientific journal for publication. Arlene is pleasant to work with, efficient, and my finished work testifies to her high level of competence.”

— Joel G. Rogers
Senior research scientist (retired) TRIUMF Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics
Vancouver, 2003

The cover of Buyer-Approved Selling by Michael Schell

“I’m delighted to provide Arlene with a ringing endorsement for her work as an editor on my book Buyer-Approved Selling. Arlene substantively edited many parts of the book with an eagle eye for errors and attention to the smallest detail. I valued her critical comments and suggestions, her ease and skill with language, and her sincere and caring approach to the work. My book has exceeded expectations in already being in its second edition, due in part to Arlene’s involvement.”

— Michael Schell
Buyer-Approved Selling: Sales Strategies from the Buyer’s Side of the Desk
Vancouver, 2003

The cover of Faces of Courage by Sally M. Rogow.

“Arlene Prunkl is a careful and conscientious editor, and it was my great pleasure to work with her. In addition to being skilled in checking for spelling, grammar, consistency and flow, she is sensitive and open to the perspective and purposes of the author.”

— Sally Rogow
Faces of Courage
Vancouver, 2003
(Sally Rogow passed away in December 2012)