“Arlene Prunkl’s editorial expertise was suggested to me by a lawyer friend. As a first-time writer, I had no real understanding of what an editor did beyond correcting grammar and adding a few punctuation marks. I had no idea of the depth of assistance that would be provided. What started as a memoir, phrased as I might talk to an audience, became a professional and very polished book. I have since received plaudits from a number of readers for my ‘great writing,’ and I cringe a little without admitting I had some serious and very understanding help. I tore out pages that Arlene suggested were too long, changed whole paragraphs she deemed not understandable, ripped away hundreds of clichés she politely mentioned were not necessary to make my point. With great patience she led me to show instead of tell and added so much ‘presence’ to my writing that I now really think I could almost write another tome. But not without her help.

“I can, without equivocation, recommend Arlene to anyone who may be in need of a highly professional, sympathetic editor.”

— Bill Grenier

From Miles to Millions

Vancouver, British Columbia

August 2014



“Scarily astute.” Editorial remarks are not usually the purview of the proofreader, but I caught several plot inconsistencies while proofreading. Eric remarked of my editorial comments that they were “scarily astute.”

“I want to thank you so much for your editing services. With your assistance I published my first book, Girlfriends: One Hundred Original Quotations to Inspire You to Keep Flying, and the response from the readers has been wonderful. When I first contacted you, I had no clue where to start, and I was also very afraid. However, I am so glad I hired you because it made a difference and enabled me to produce a quality product. I put my manuscript in your hands, and it was the right decision. Thank you! I plan on writing another book and want your services again.”

— Karen Danage

Girlfriends: One Hundred Original Quotations to Inspire You to Keep Flying


July 2014



“As I work through the edited manuscript, it’s really pleasing for me to get through a chapter and then read it again from the beginning. So much smoother and more readable, thanks to you. Yours is some of the best and most effective help I’ve ever gotten on a project, literary or otherwise.”

— Aaron John Rulison

Toby Peep Looks and Sees

San Francisco, California

May 2014



“From the first time I talked with Arlene over the phone, I have been nothing but impressed by her professionalism and knowledge, not to mention her delightful personality. As a first time author, I had a lot to learn, and Arlene was extremely helpful and patient with me, pointing out everything from common pitfalls to more obscure rules and conventions. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, and it remains consistent throughout 400 pages to give my manuscript a polished feel I didn’t think possible.

“As well, Arlene worked diligently to accommodate my rush schedule and was always just an email or phone call away, always happy to answer any questions I had. I cannot recommend Arlene more highly. I know I can count on her professional help to take my future writings to the next level.”

— C. L. Hoang

Once upon a Mulberry Field


February 2014



Shadows in the Lake by Elizabeth Urbahn

“It was such an exciting day when I received my MS back from Arlene. As I read through my story again, I appreciated what a gifted editor she is and what magic she had worked, gently and sensitively reworking and polishing my work until it sparkled. Arlene is wonderful to work with—keeping in constant contact with me as regards progress of my MS, seeking clarification when required and, at all times, being sensitive to my writing style. It has been the best decision I have made in regard to my writing. Thank you, Arlene. I will always be indebted to you for sharing your expertise and your encouragement of me as a writer.”

— Libby Urbahn

Shadows in the Lake


November 2013